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AEROSHELL TURBINE OIL 555, 24x1AQ (ref. 9235) est disponible sur devis uniquement. Contactez-nous pour demander un devis.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 555 is an advanced 5mm²/s synthetic hindered ester oil incorporating a finely balanced blend of additives to improve thermal and oxidation stability and increase the load carrying ability of the base oil.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommandations :
- Approved DOD-PRF-85734A (US)
- Approved DEF STAN 91-100 (British)
- Note: both UK and US production are manufactured to the same formulation.)
- NATO Code O-160
- Joint Service Designation OX-26
- Pratt & Whitney Approved 521C Type II
- General Electric Approved D-50 TF 1
- Allison Approved EMS-53 (Obsolete)

Pour une liste plus complète et détaillée du produit AEROSHELL TURBINE OIL 555, merci de prendre contact avec le support technique.

Carton 24x1AQ
22.71 kg


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