Moto Quad Kart jusqu'au 31/12/2017

Moto Quad Kart

Pour un carton ou un bidon acheté sur les références de la gamme Moto Quad Kart en 2 Temps et 4 Temps, recevez un aérosol nettoyant pour vos freins.

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Havoline Super 2T-X is a proven performance two-cycle engine oil designed for use in air-cooled engines in motorcycles, snowmobiles and in chainsaws operating under mild conditions.Havoline Super 2T-X is a part-synthetic oil combined with a durable additive system formulated for low-ash performance and long,trouble-free service


Medium severity air-cooled, land-based two-cycle engine applications including motorcycles. Can also be
used for light duty chainsaws and snowmobile applications in relatively mild temperature conditions
? Havoline Super 2T-X should be used in 50/1 fuel/oil ratio, however manufacturers? recommendations should be followed if different doses are indicated
? Havoline Super 2T-X is miscible with gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends, and is also suitable for selfmixing and posi-lube lubricating systems, providing ambient temperatures are relatively mild
? Not recommended for use in marine outboard engines, heavy duty chainsaw and snowmobile engines or other severe applications, any compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuelled twocycle
engines, or any two-cycle engines equipped with
exhaust catalyst systems

Carton 12x1L
12 kg


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