Fluide Hydraulique

Lubexcel commercialise des fluides hydrauliques aviation de la marque AEROSHELL permettant à vos moteurs de garder toute leur performance. Ces fluides hydrauliques vont permettre de protéger les moteurs hydrauliques de vos avions même dans des conditions extrêmes.

AEROSHELL FLUID 3 Carton 6x1AG - Shell

AeroShell Fluid 3 is a general purpose muneral lubricating oil recommended for general lubrication of aircraft parts that require a light oil with good low temperature characteristics and a low freezi

Prix T.T.C.: 300,14 €
Référence: 4784


AeroShell Fluid 5M-A is a highly refined, medium viscosity mineral oil containing an extreme pressure additive as well as additives to provide good oxidation and corrosion protection. Spécifications

Prix T.T.C.: 325,75 €
Référence: 4897

AEROSHELL FLUID 1 Bidon 20L - Shell

AeroShell Fluid 1 is a light lubricating mineral oil containing, by specification, less than 0,10% mass stearic acid.

Prix T.T.C.: 230,06 €
Référence: 6415

AEROSHELL FLUID 31 Carton 6x1AG - Shell

AeroShell Fluid 31 is a synthetic hydrocarbon based aircraft hydraulic fluid with greatly improved fire resistance characteristics when compared with conventional petroleum products.

Prix T.T.C.: 290,06 €
Référence: 9025

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