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AeroShell OIl W80 were the first non-ash dispersant oils to be used in aircraft piston engines. They combine non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base stocks to give exceptional stability, dispersancy and anti-foaming performance. These additives leave no metallic ash residues that can lead to deposit formation in combustion chambers and on spark plugs, which can cause pre-ignition and possible engine failure.


- The US specification SEA J-1899 replaces MIL-22851D
- Although it was planned to replace the British Specification DERD 2450 with a DEF STAN specification this has now been put into abeyance and instead the SEA specification has been adopted.
- Approved J-1899 SAE Grade 40 (US and British)
- AIR 3570 Grade SAE 40 (French)
- MS-14 (Russian)
- NATO Code : O-123 Obselete
- Joint Service Designation : OMD-160
- Textron Lycoming : 310F
- Teledyne Continental : MHS 24B
- Pratt & Whitney : Service Bulletin 1183-S
- Curtiss Wright : Various Service Bulletins - refer to relevant Bulletin
- Franklin Engines : Various Service Bulletins - refer to relevant Bulletin

Carton 12x1QT
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